Second Company

Eleone Connection, Spring Concert May 4 @ Arts Bank 7 PM

Artistic Director, Shawn-Lamere Williams
Executive Director, Sheila A. Ward
Rehearsal Director, Charon Mapp

The purpose of Eleone Connection is to provide a nurturing and professional environment for talented youth and young adult dancers who have an interest in a professional dance career. Members of Eleone Connection will have the opportunity to expand their education and careers by training and performing in a professional environment, interacting with academic and performing professionals, and furthering their knowledge about the art of dance and performance.

Participation in Eleone Connection is solely at the discretion of the Artistic Director, Shawn-Lamere Williams. Each dancer enrolled in school must maintain at least a 2.7 grade point average and may not receive failing grades in any subject. Failure to maintain scholastic criteria will result in the dancer being placed on academic probation for that term. The dancer must improve his or her academic performance the following term to be removed from academic probation. If academic probation performance does not improve for two consecutive terms, the dancer will be expelled from Eleone Connection. Re-admittance into Eleone Connection will be based on improved academic performance and approval by the Artistic Director.

Eleone Connection performances will be held in the tri-state area only, as well as being presented in an annual Spring Concert and featured in Eleone Dance Theatre’s annual productions of “Carols in Color” and “From These Roots.” Performers will be selected based on availability and skill level at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director.

The repertoire contains the works of the Directors, company members, as well as emerging choreographers. The repertoire consists of many dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, African and hip hop. Eleone Connection can/will design a performance suitable for your audience.

Eleone Connection is available for performances, special events and workshops, ready with the same professional quality of Eleone Dance Theatre.

Please contact Sheila A. Ward.